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 The Art World Online

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Europe's finest selected art at your fingertips

History of prints

German Expressionist Prints from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art New York

French printmaking 1890-1905
In the collection of the Gogh Museum Amsterdam

The Printed Picture, Richard Benson

Printmaking techniques

What is a print? An interactive demonstration from the Museum of Modern Art New York


Roy Lichtenstein

Antonio Saura

Henri Matisse 'The Cut Outs'


Centre de la Gravure, Belgium

Art Movements

Actor Alan Cumming presents a quick fire guide to Pop Art

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See all this, Dutch Art portal

The big Americans:
The art of collaboration

Ken Tyler is interviewed by artist and writer Robin Wallace-Crabbe within the exhibition The big Americans: The art of collaboration. During the video Tyler discusses his collaboration over 40 years with the artists David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella, whose works are featured in the exhibition.
Recorded at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra by the Australian Broadcasting Commission in October 2002.

Duration 10:10 minutes
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